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Chinese Cube

Chinese Cubes: Helps you build language skills using cube sets and innovative augmented reality (AR) software.


  Chinese Cubes introduced by Locus Publishing Co. at the Frankfurt Book Fair, which combines blocks with AR (Augmented reality)  to teach Chinese. 

How many time do you hear Chinese is so hard? How many time do you feel depressed on learning language? Learning should be fun. Right?

Learning is happy and fun.

Augmented Reality Cubes are a fun, hands-on way to learn Chinese. Place these real world tactile cubes in front of a computer and they come to life, teaching you Chinese. Your own at home Chinese teacher.

They are great for kids to feel like they can really “handle” Chinese and have fun with it. They are a great way for adults to “break the ice” with learning and even share it with their families, through learning based games, and software-led lessons that start from the ground up.


  • Time: Oct, 2009
  • Expo: 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair
  • Place: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Client: Locus Publishing Co.
  • Software : Adobe Director, Maya


  • Coding : Bill Lee, Fangyu Yang
  • Design : Outsourcing
  • Company : Techartgroup