This is Fang-Yu's portfolio

DaDa’s Magic World

DaDa’s Magic World :  Introduce electro-optic technology throng fun interactive installation.


This project is placed in one of the exhibition areas at the Science Museum, mainly to introduce electro-optic technology through fun games to make it easier for visitors to understand optical knowledge. I was responsible for two exhibition items.

The first one is the Quiz Time, visitors operate the touch screen to answer panel-related questions, the more questions they answered correctly, the more opportunities to enter their names into the winner list.

Another one is The Future of LCD , which introduced the contribution of electro-optic in oud daily lives by the cute little robot. Users stand at a specific zone, face-detection tennology is applied to receive player’s facial image and then is synthesized on the face of the little obot, afterwards, the little robit will move around freely in five screens working to play films of introducing commonly used electro-optic products we have been using in our daily lives as a way to rise visitors’ interest in watching the film.


  • Time: Oct., 2009
  • Place: Taichung, Taipei
  • Software: Adobe Flash, Maya, Photoshop and Illustrator


  • Coding : Fangyu Yang
  • Company : Techartgroup