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Po-Yu Bird digital learning

Po-Yu Bird digital learning  : An installation of interactive learning


Po-Yu Bird is a well-known artwork of Liu Chi-Wei, a Taiwanese Painter, there is a sad but beautiful story behind the painting. When I first designed the contents of digital learning program for the National Art Gallery, I chose the bird for the leading actor of the project for the reasons that the painting is one of the classic collections in the gallery, as well as Po-Yu Bird has vivid colors and a cute look, which has gained great popularity to children. Moreover, the floating direction of the various colors of bubbles in the screen can be altered by detecting children’s body movement from webcams when they make free movements, therefore it adds more beautiful colors to the Po-Yu Bird.


  • Time: Jun, 2008
  • Place: Taichung, Taipei
  • Client: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
  • Software: Flash, Illustrator