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Tomato Frog

Tomato Frog is a toy bundle that combines tangible toys with a customized mobile application. Tomato Frog creates a platform to encourage preschool children to make their own toys and to physically interact with the story.


Creativity blooms in 4-6 year olds. It is also an important time to learn graphic, sound, speed identification and self-discipline. Tomato Frog integrates the physical and virtual worlds, providing kids a new way to explore traditional tangible toys in the digital era.

Tomato Frog  consists of two parts: tangible toys and a tablet application. Kids can make animal faces with Play-Doh using a special acrylic base and customise them by decorating their faces with light pipe components. When kids move and rotate their own animal face on the Tomato Frog  tablet app, they create animal sound effects and graphic animation and also get light feedback on the animal’s face. Finally, kids can generate their own animal’s song with a recording and composing function.


  • Time: May., 2014
  • Place: New York, USA


My target audiences are preschool kids, 4 to 6 years old. So in my project, I have three little testers, Harry(6 years old), Aine(6 years old) and Mikasa(4 years old). I am surprised that kids are comfortable with play-doh and ipad together. Besides, kids are good at making animal’s face with my designed plate. But I find out it’s so hard to let kids make animal without animal’s picture. So I think the next step is adding instruction in the game content.