This is Fang-Yu's portfolio

TACHI: A toy bundle of creative suit combing tangible toys with customized mobile application.


    Tachi creates a platform to encourage preschool children to make their own toys and physically interact with the story line provided by the app.

    Creativity blooms in 4-6 year olds. Also, it is an important period of time to learn graphic, sound, speed identification and self-discipline. Surprisely, 25 percent of children ages 2 to 5 have a smartphone.Besides,more than 60 percent of parents claiming that their child uses a touchscreen “often” and roughly 38 percent claiming “very often.”

But have you ever tried taking an iPad away from a 3-year-old? Your tablet probably still has scratch marks on the back from the deep, frantic clinging of their tiny fingernails.

    1. Grab advantages from traditional toys and screens.
    2. Let children focus on tangible toys more then on the screen.

    preschool kids (4-6 years old )

    My first tangible prototype contains a special acrylic base with conductive materials (PlayDoh). Through the holes on the base, PlayDoh can be exposed to the surface of tablets’ touch panel, so that capable to communicate with the tablet application. The conductive materials can be PlayDoh, ink, or tapes. With these, “Tachi” provides players to build their own toys.

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  • Time: April, 2014
  • Place: New York, United State


  • Coding  : Fangyu Yang
  • Design : Fangyu Yang
  • Adviser : Daniel Rozin, Heather Greer