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The World of Semiconductor

The World of Semiconductor : Learning semiconductor world from the virtual collection game.


The World of Semiconductor is a coopeated project between TSMC Education and Culture Foundation and National Museum of Natural Science. There is an exhibition named Happy Life in The World of Semiconductor, and I was responsible for the multimedia program of the display. Audience can pick up an AR(Augmented Reality) card at the entrance to visit the Happy Life exhibition, and when they can receive visual treasures after they get through AR learning process in the exhibition area. Once they finish collecting treasures, they can take a picture at the photo machine, and then the picture will be synthesized into different 3D characters, as well as do a success dance, fill in email addrsss and then they can send the synthesized photo to home. They can also enter The World of Semiconductor website to gain a virtual semiconductor treasure for decorating their Happy Life home, and they can also extent the contents of exhibition zone to acquire a more in-depth learning.


  • Time: Oct., 2010
  • Place: Taichung, Taiwan
  • Software: Adobe Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, Maya, and Director


  • Coding : Fangyu Yang
  • Company : Techartgroup